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I did get the upper steering column mount made for the step van, have spent some time on the lathe working on the pitman arm part that splines to the steering gear box. Need to get a piece of bar stock so I can build the pitman arm.
I turned it down to 1 3/4 outside and beveled the edges for the weld. Looks like I need to invest in a carbide hole cutter now.

La Hot Rods

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We after some more monkey business I have scrapped my first prototype bracket and built a production bracket with a few changes. :crazy
I also found out The steering box I had mocked up was turning the wrong way :doh, guess I am human after all.
After some searching I found a Saginaw steering box with reverse rotation and luck would have it that the mounting and the splines are the same as the mock up steering box. Sometimes better to be lucky than good. :dunno2
Starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not a train. :happy


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After three pass on each side. Man I thing I broke a sweat.
La Hot Rods. To the non-professional, this welding job may look just so so. To a person who knows welding, this is a superior welding job. To make three passes, by hand, into a 90 degree "V;" to keep the puddle level and even and to do this with two different metal hardness shows this is a talented welder. What is the metal used--Silicone Bronze? Love the second picture. Nice job!! :bow Chuckl