A Little Maintenance and beautification on my 63 4dr

Jim Sullivan

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I had to leave my four door out thos past winter. What a mess under the hood from all of the moisture. The cheap Chinese chrome valve covers rusted pretty bad along with my uncoated Doug's headers. Before pictures: 20190518_083443.jpg 20190518_083455.jpg I adjusted the valves while the covers were off. 20190518_092042.jpg I'll be putting my powder coated Edelbrock valve covers on and replace the short rubber fuel hoses with flared steel lines. The in a couple weeks I'll replace the headers with a set of coated Doug's headers I had on layaway this past winter. While the headers are off, I'll install my reworked upper control arms.:thud:wacko


Mine always run black (soot) outers and tan centers. Mine NEVER needs a choke, even in 20 degrees. The exhaust smell will make your eyes tear up! Nothing I've ever done has ever changed it so it is what it is as they say... This 409 isn't for the climate change people. :teehee

:burnout :driverIf the sun comes out, I might get mine out for a little tour of the area. (and CLEAN THE GARAGE!!!)


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I don't know? I'm thinking you ought to just give it to me and start over. I can come and take it off your hands this coming weekend if you want to give me your address and I won't even charge for the gas to come and get it! Lol:laugh4:thankyou::unsure:
Seriously though that's a grocery getter to envy!!!!! PS it ain't cool if your Chrome don't shine.
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