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Well Nathan and thought we would get to the point of measuring for push rods yesterday but guess if it was easy everyone would be doing it.
We found that the rocker stands are to short and the rocker arm is not even close to somewhere acceptable for a contact patch on the valve stem.
After a call to Harland Sharp today they said they have had many calls with this problem and are sending some spacer free of charge.
Sure would have saved some head scratching yesterday.
20180415_195520 (2).jpg
20180415_165049 (2).jpg
This is after spacing the stands up 3/8 of an inch.
20180415_143928 (2).jpg

La Hot Rods

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So they sent some spacers. :doh WTF
They say this will be fine......I feel different about it.
Looks like the end stands for the shaft are just a waste of material with these.
Guess we will make are own or go with a different brand.
bad spacers.jpg
bad idea.jpg
Some people never cease t amaze me.:mad4


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I don't care for them. The loss of a flat base of the shaft mountings loses not only an area of support but creates a fulcrum point. The only thing that may save it is they have multiple attachment points. But hey, I am just an opinionated back yard mechanic. :dunno