A Long Awaited Marriage

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Got a chance to spend a little quality time with the FE, mocked up the rocker shafts with the spacers and all was good. So then I changed the valve spring to the break in springs and installed the heads with a .036 Cometic MLS head gaskets and ARP head bolts. Next was the oil windage screen and oil pump pickup to check pickup clearance. After some bolt hole work to make things fit, we bolt the pan on. We had to work on the intake bolt holes a little to get them to work without cross threading. We didn't get the intake bolted on because we just couldn't come up with any safety wire for the bolts that hold the valley plate to the bottom of it. Guess any progress is good.
Tooth showed up to lend a hand and give support.
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Phil, that's Tooth's shoe in for you. :D
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