A photo from the past...

George Klass

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This photo was taken at Pacific Raceway drag strip, located in Kent, WA. Gas Ronda on the left in his '62 Ford 406, going up against Hayden Proffitt in his Bubble Top 409. This has to be an early photo in 1962, no big #612 or Cone Chevrolet sponsorship on the door on Hayden's Chevy. This is the only photo I have ever seen of either car in this configuration. Ronda's Ford always had a big #678 on his door...


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George thanks for posting. I have a real good friend for over 35 years that is a real Ford guy. Worked with Roush, anyway I love showing him photos of Chevys from the 60’s outrunning Fords.
A great beer bench racing “older I get the faster I was” stuff.
I have already sent this one:laugh