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The news reporters of today have for a longtime show the mob rule is fine and a large portion of the general population has lost track of what the word respect means.
Even though someone doesn’t approved of the views someone has displayed that doesn’t give that person the right to disrespect that person.
The Office of the presidency of the United States (be it republican or Democrat or any ruling party) should be regarded with the highest respect.
If the American population doesn’t show respect for the presidency how will the world leaders respect the USA.
Today’s presidential news broadcast was one of the lowest acts of news coverage I’ve seen in my 73 years.
The more I see these news broadcasts the more I feel the major news affiliates are trying to takeover the ruling government.



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And here is Acosta acostaing an aid. Trump needs to hire a bouncer for these briefings like the big guy on Greg Gutfields show now that would be pure entertainment to watch one of these idiots refuse to drop the mike.