Ahh, vendors.

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Ordered two exhaust tips, not cheapies. First thing I didn't like, had to order each separate and pay full shipping on each tip of $10.99. Received package today, both came in the same box, their shipping cost $11.00. That means for someone to reach the shelf and place the exhaust tip in the same box cost me $11.00 bucks. Ok I'll eat that. Now the best part. The exhaust tips I purchased come in only two forms. Guess what I got? Now, there was a 50/50 chance of them getting this right. To top it off they had my name spelled incorrectly. So, how close could they have looked at the order? This means I have to take time from my day to run to the shipping depot to ship them back then wait again for the correct parts. I emailed them this morning before opening a can of whoop ass on them if they don't respond today.