altered/ slingshot dragster


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Can somebody school me a bit on these. What to look for when purchasing one, possible certification/safety. thanks.

scott hall

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Buy a newer built NHRA certified or older that is updated and certified. Blower engine of yours will look real good in it.:cool:

Don Jacks

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Brian,check out Racing Junk classified,Drag racing cars/Altered.I just saw a few decent deals for a fellow in your position just now.When you get ready,call me.I can help you set up a fun,safe car.A Fiat Topolino would look best with that blown W imo,in keeping with the 60's-70's theme.


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What do those super cool SFI certified cups look like Jason?:D:cool::bow:brow
I don't know Don, but I'd sure be trying to come up with something. That or I'd have nothing smaller than a Dana 60 rearend in the thing. A few friends at a transmission shop here have 2 slingshots. One runs a big block Mopar (383 or 440) and the other has a Buick 455. Everytime I walk past one and look down I lose the urge to drive one. Seems like a quick and painful way to end up like Bruce Jenner or our President (no balls).


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What year was this photo Dave.

My Eldest son's good buddy bought a Top Fuel Digger with a blown Hemi, car was originally raced in 63 through to early 65 and then put away when apparently the rules changed, raced on the west coast, the owner or driver died in 66 or there abouts and the car was put away, he bought it out of the Pacific North West about 12 months ago.


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The only thing I can think of is make sure it has a currant certification or its really cheap because it will take money to bring it up to date. Won't take much to make one fly!