Annual Pilgrimage


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Sounds like a great time! Your starting it out right with a great number. Enjoy and have a safe trip It's 5 degrees here this morning all I've been seeing is plow trucks lol. Although I did see a 92 camaro driving through the parking lot during a 8 inch snow storm he got stuck about 10 times

Phil Reed

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You will love it Floyd!!!!!! I had the pleasure in going twice around 2009-2010 era with Tom Jacobson, Hayden Proffitt and Doug Marion. Be sure to stick around for the Cacklefest!!!!!! Take ear plugs!!!! And make sure your legs are in shape for all the walking!!!


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I'm more impressed that they have you as an Adult Child!!!!!!!!
Well there are several phases to the weekend you see Phil hence the Adult / Child tag:rub

Phase 1 - Start weekend Thursday go set-up camp - Adult
Phase 2 - Start drinking socialize with neighbours - Adult
Phase 3 - Continue drinking, some child actions start coming out:bong
Phase 4 - Drinking gone past point of no return, now fill child, not held accountable for ones actions - maybe now fall over.
Phase 5 - Start sobering up - Adult / child
Phase 6 - Sober, but not well. End of weekend time to pack up go home - Adult
Phase 7 - Monday at work, knowing bloody well that you will never drink again and that you should have taken Monday off - Adult.
Well until next year and then it is time to do it all over again.:dance3:dance:flag