another ebay gem


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It's been for sale for a while, I sent it too a friend a few months ago, he likes them but he's hell bent on Blue interior, I told him he could change it out and sell his.

Nope and he's never going too get to his restoration :-(


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the car seems as nice as the ad makes it seem...spoke to the owner just now to have him get the casting numbers of the me the price is about half of what it would cost to replicate the car...hell, a frame off bare metal restoration is worth over 1000 hours of just labor no less the insane price of what parts are available...I've 2 projects so finding time to build a car like this isn't in the cards...


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That fan shroud is not a small block ( too narrow for a 59-61 small block fan shroud) it’s a 348/409 fan shroud from the look of it, or a converted 59-61 small block by narrowing the shroud.
The car has had the front floor pans and lower trunk pan replaced( they did not open the drain holes in the replacement sheetmetal). The drivers side rear floor pan ( behind the front seat) has been replaced but the factory seat belt mounting brackets ( 2 of them were not transferred to the new floor pan). The passenger side rear floor pan behind the front seat does not look like it’s been replaced - the factory seat belt mounts are still visible
The radiator does not have a 409 top tank on it - looks to be a 3 core?
Cast iron exhaust manifolds could be 2 inch 348 manifolds.
Its missing the plastic Belair 2 door sedan rear arm rests that mount to the interior rear 1/4 panels above the back seat.
All the interior door handles and window cranks are not 62 - they are maybe 57 chevy handles
its also missing all the door and rear 1/4 interior chrome pieces (By missing -it should have 2 straight stainless trim pieces on “each door” and one each on the rear 1/4 interior panels
Also missing the Belair script on each rear 1/4 panel just below the back end of the aluminum trim - Rear 1/4s replaced?
Does not have a 409 ballast resistor starter wiring harness
Has one passenger side 1958 - 348 valve cover
Has one drivers side 59 to 62 409 valve cover
The wiring harness and battery cable are not attached with the correct plastic wire holders
The steering column tach is not a 62 409 factory tach
it appears that the fuel line from the front of the engine to the near the gas tank is braided not steel or stainless, does not run around the passenger shock tower
The heater looks interesting - there are 4 heater tubes on the firewall heater box - should only be 2. The heater hoses are not hooked to the engine.
Has alternator ( nothing wrong with this) but has non 409 mounting brackets
I bet it has non deep groove pulleys vs the correct 409 water pump & crankshaft deep groove pulleys
The negative battery cable is hooked to the head instead of the correct place on the water pump mounting bolt
No choke tube on passenger side
Valve covers say 340 HP - no 340 HP in 1962

Most of these items are correctable - but the point is that it’s is made to look lIke a 409 original and it is not in many ways + missing a number of factory 62 Belair items



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I have no intention to buy it at the advertised price, I was wanting may not be perfect but not much on the market compares for a whole lot more...why don't one of you guys sell me one of your frame off cars for 40K...:brow


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Not that the car is not a decent price but there are many issues like Paul indicated. One question I have because I don't know is did the BelAir have the rear quarter antenna or was it on the front fender. I thought only Impala's had the quarter antenna.