Another Kingswood wagon

Greg Reimer

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I had a member in my old club that had a green 60 2 door wagon, 348 and all. He drove it to the track, bracket raced it, and went home afterward. That car had to be rare. Also, when I was 4 or 5, my dad owned a burglar alarm company, his work vehicle was a white 59 sedan delivery with his business name lettered on it. He sold the business a year or so later, and had a telephone answering service. Now, has technology rendered those two lines of work obsolete,or what?


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that's a lot of blasting for a 100 lb. pot...I did it once with a small pot, got a bigger one for the next compressor is 120 gallon tank with 2 2- stage heads...175 cfm at 26 gpm...scott, that may be a '59 impala...