August 24-26th Rock N Race at Dragway 42 newly remodeled with 13 million dollars invested in the track


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1 Scott and Lonnie Hall 1962 Impala
2 Bryan Fugate 1963 Impala
3 Ricky Inghram 1961 Biscayne
4 Ray Barnhart 1960 Impala
5 Merle Whited 1962 Belair
6 Brian LaBombard 1961/62 Biscayne
7 Tom Geib 1962 Impala
8 Weslowski 1963 Belair
9 Jim Stevens 1963 Belair

Come on guys lets get a few more on here to get a taste of the track and I'll work on making this a big one next year instead of Bowling Green it's a lot cooler in Ohio! I did run my best time ever there on my first pass last year