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20161002_173616.jpg I purchased this spray gun and turbine around 15 or more years ago and have painted about a dozen or so vehicles. The first vehicle I painted with it, after using a conventional gun for years, took a little getting used too. What really amazed me was the huge paint savings. The hvlp turbine used almost half as much painted a conventional gun. One thing is it does not atomize the paint as well as a conventional gun, but using a slower reducer, the paint flows out very nice. The fact that the air is clean, dry and heated makes it nice to paint with no matter the outside humidity level. The turbine sounds like a shop vac running but it sure saves on my compressor usage.

Lex-Aire does have gravity feed guns available and I would like to see how one sprays, but the price for just the gun is more that what I paid for my set up. I've sprayed acrylic enamel and now base coat/clear coat as well as a limited amount of primer with great results. It sprays heavier primers well as the pot is pressurized.

I would definitely recommend this system.
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