Baltimore.... Dems forget about video!


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Doesn't Baltimore remind you of the 2nd Back to the Future movie when Biff goes back in time and changes Hill Valley to Biffville or something like that. Different story same outcome.


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Years ago I went to DC and Maryland. DC is a shxt hole, or at least big parts of it. Maryland was beautiful by the air force base, shxt hole if you go to Baltimore. I went to New York, most of upstate is very beautiful, the City is a shxt hole, spent some time in Buffalo, not the greatest but not a shxt hole. Syracuse seemed ok. Go to Los Angeles, the city and it's definitely a shxthole in the downtown area, there are other much larger parts of Los Angeles that are very nice. San Francisco use to be very nice I hear it's become a shxthole.
Is any of this racist? I don't think so, just reporting the facts
Hey Mike, where in upstate NY did you go to?? Carmine.

1958 delivery

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One time landed in Syracuse, drove down to Binghamton, detoured slightly and stopped for the day at baseball hall of fame. The drive down to Binghamton was beautiful country. Spent about 5 days in Binghamton then drove back to Syracuse to fly home.
Another occasion landed Buffalo spent 5 days there did the Niagra falls thing and of course ate a few times at the chicken wing place, Anchor Steam bar I think


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Programs giving handouts do nothing...... except increase the amount of hands sticking out for” their entitlement”.

As has been said before it all boils done to the breakdown of the family if the child doesn't have any guidance growing up (lack of good God fearing Father & Mother) this is what will happen they will have no incentive or the ambition or pride to succeed in life .



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I watched that video of Col. Sanders pandering for votes. What I cannot believe is that black people keep right on falling for that shit. The Col. is suck a hypocrite saying the crap about Billionaires and Millionaires and he is one Himself, what a piece of crap he is.