Barn find?


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That tie down method on the trailer looks like one of the "Mac's Tie Downs" ( scary photos of how not to do it. There is no way that car is staying on the trailer if he has to stop in a hurry plus it is going to move around when the suspension recoils and cause some additional sheet metal damage just bouncing. :doh


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While it is tied down incorrectly it does look like he has one ratchet strap on the rear axle that is probably rated between 1000 and 2000 lbs that should keep the car from rolling forwards. Then on the front he kept the winch attached to keep the car from rolling backwards. The ones across the top of the car are basically there to do damage to the car and straps.

Judging by the tie down method, unless he is paying someone else to do the work, within a year or two we will see a 62 for sale that is in pieces with significant amount of rust or worse poor attempts to fix the rust.

Nice fuelie Corvette. That would be a fun car to bring back to life.


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That appears to be an SS model?? The 327 flags on the fenders are gone, but do I see on the drivers side, an indication below where the flags are/were, possibly signs of a 409 emblem?? Must be a motor in it. Sits low. As previously mentioned, I'd like to know what the undercarriage and frame look like. Wish there were more pics of the interior and drive train. That's the same color as mine. I see on several 62's, the front lip of the hood is rusted out, just like this one. Why is that?? Water get trapped in there somehow??, Carmine.
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