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Just remember that pushes up the price of the real thing. Example would be to point towards the number of clone cars out there. No real parts from original car but they are getting pricey because everyone wants one. 10 years ago my dealership could buy a clone for next to nothing. Now we pay what the real thing was going for 10 years ago and the real thing is worth way more. The guys rocking the 348-409 under the hood has a crowd standing around talking about it. Few people will ever stop and talk about an LS other than to say. "Yep, LS."
Your 100% correct, I remember when the 62 had a 327 it was just a nice car, when the 409/409 was installed everyone stopped in AWE and us older guy's stopped and talked for HOURS :drinking

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May be she was more Hot than Rich in her younger days and they worked for it...:dunno:dunno Then again, maybe not...:doh:doh

When I got out of high school I couldn't afford a 3-4 year old car. Now that I'm middle age, I feel fortunate to be able to afford a 50 year old car......:dunno2:goodsomething doesn't seem right here.


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Hard to believe how much money is spent on some of these resto deals. I will say that Kindig has some amazing metal workers and craftsmen. I like the guy. Mainly because he is supposed to be very very good to his people. What do you think a full blown custom would cost at his shop ? 3-500k ?


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I watched some of this Barrett-Jackson auction last night. I was amazed at the amount of customized cars that were presented. Do they call them resto models also?? Anyhow, a bunch of Corvettes that had been customized and went for big bucks. I'm sure the quality of the work was very good, but they just weren't my thing. Personally, for me, they ruined them. Seeing how they all went for low 6 digits, I don't believe they will be a concern of mine. Alot of money exchanged hands. Much disposable income. Economy must be good :laugh4, Carmine.


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I think my old 61 Impala sold for 71k plus fees, thats 25k more than the car is worth, in my opinion but it is a very nice car or it was, i sold it back in 2004 so hopefully it has neen maintained.