Thanks for letting me join the group. I just bought my first Impala- 63 SS 409 Sport Coupe. It appears to be unrestored and mostly original. It has a 65 409 replacement engine and the heads have been rebuilt to HP standards. Built at Janesville, Dec. 62. Original rear end and Powerglide- making it a 340 JP car. Trim 843-Z; paint 914; Acc- F C M Y.
many info on the tag info would be appreciated.
im really looking forward to restoring the car. I have a couple of other restored vehicles but this is my first Impala.
Thanks and I look forward to following this site for info and sharing updates.


63 dream'n

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Welcome to the site ....... what a great car ........I know looks can be deceiving and you can find more the further you dig...... but it looks really solid......Was it stored indoors ......hopefully water didn’t get past that tape, and settle anywhere


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Welcome Barry.:clap Great looking car. :winnerLike Randy said, you've come to the right place.:good MANY, talented people here.:appl
Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Questions for you- Acc code M for 63-is that a Powerglide? Would the hole in the floor be the same for a PG and a 4 speed? Also how could you tell if the car was originally a 3 speed on the tree or a PG? Would there be remnants of a clutch pedal linkage under the dash, or a hole in the firewall? Just trying to confirm the PG is original to the car.
thanks in advance.

Barry Taylor

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Welcome Barry!!! It’s always a pleasure to meet another one. Very nice project you’ve got there. That will make a sweet driver and don’t underestimate that 340 horse motor.


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M is for powerglide L is a 4 speed for plants that coded the trans like both of my los built 63's and the hole in the floor is the same for auto or 4 gear. Look on the frame rail for the z bar pivot almost under the master cylinder to see if it was a stick car.