Bell Housing PN# Please.


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Gang, I’m in the process of having my Saginaw 3 speed rebuilt and thought I’d start looking for a suitable bell housing. My 283 is a ‘67 block and the 3 speed is dated ‘61. I looked in both the assembly and shop manual for the ‘61 pn#, but could only come up with 3779552. Is this correct? Can I look at other years as a suitable donor?
Rear of the gearbox mounting bolt pattern
The old 6 cylinder bell housing
The rear of my block

Don Jacks

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Just about any bellhousing for the 168 tooth flywheel from 55 up should work here Doug. The trans face is the same as used on a 4 speed.The frt.bearing retainer is of the large varity ruling out some of the 63 housings,but the large retainer is by far the most common to find.
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Only the 552 cast bell housing and the 553 aluminum bell housing come with the same size clutch fork opening like your 6 cylinder bell housing.
other cast bell housing from earlier years have different fork size openings (mostly smaller as I recall).

I sell the 552 bell housings for conversions from PG to stick for 61 to 63 Chevys -they work the best for the stock clutch linkage
The 552 and 553 are identical except that the 553 is aluminum. I used a 552 for my 63 409 as you do not have to worry about striped threads in a 553 bell. Also the 552 is usually a lot cheaper. I have heard that 63 Corvette had a unique trans that the front housing is a different size.