bent pushrods

I took the one head to a machine shop in town the other day and with out even seeing it he said he wouldnt touch it, dont think ill be going there anymore. Then i took it to a shop over by fontana who said he could get another set of heads, but he said I should bring my heads by to see if he could repair them. So i did and he said no problem they could repair them but i asked if he could still get me another set. I liked his attude and the since he gave me a good price on a set of 990 bbc heads i left my heads there. But i dont think he quite understood what 348-409 heads where by his first of impression of my heads as "o big ones". He told me he would call me later if he found another set. its been acouple of days and he still hasnt called.

Anyways in the mean time there was a gentlemen who was interested in my nomad had called and asked if he could come down and look at the car. I tole him what happend to the engine and i told him $5500 and its yours. 3 hours later i had the cash and less one nomad it was sad to see it go but I found a deal on a 72 ss el camino 402 4 speed in arizona that the nomad can contribute too.

Thanks for help later