Biesmeyer ski racer


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Back to races were held at a lake outside of Phoenix. The races were laid out on a circular course. The competition included boats pulling a skier. One would suppose this was a timed and not an open race!!! At the end of the day...after the ski races... they ran an open "Hot Boat" race on the same course to determine who had the fastest boat. The Biesemeyer frequently won...with a tri powered 348


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Can’t help but step-on those Mini tootsie Roll‘s. DANM those Geese make a mess don’t they ?
The schools yards here in Michigan have black painted ply-wood silhouettes of foxes and coyotes that they move around the playground. Seems to keep the geese away somewhat.

Great looking boat & engine combo.



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I knew someone who liked to hunt, he sold them plucked and cleaned for $5. We just cook them slow on low heat, stuffed with turkey type dressing, and covered, makes them tender and delicious.