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:wtf :eek3 Getting ready for the US/Iran skirmish?:hide
Skip I believe at about midnight this morning 12:10 this morning I heard some stealth bombers going over my house headed east. Man was the ground shaking and rumbling. Whiteman Air Force Base is only about 75 miles from my house to the West. I've heard them bombers go over before in the only thing that makes that much noise is the bombers. I'll have to watch the news tonight to see if they deployed any stealth bombers!


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Tooth: Since our President mended fences with North Korea, we need another country, to trade barbs with.:doh The President says, he doesn't want war with Iran, but I bet John Bolton does. :eek3

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So you say I can reinforce my dog house for me and my car habit? So when the wife lobs emotion bombs my way I can be safely tucked away with my car? Sign me up! :write
If you believe that there’s ANY structure that keeps you safe from a wives emotion bombs .......... well now :rub........I’ve got a bridge to sell you Pilgrim