Bought a Milling Machine

After looking at a few new machines, and then a number of used, much heavier duty machines... I managed to make a deal this week. Just got home yesterday evening, with this 4000 pound Bridgeport style milling machine. Fully operational, 220 volt 3 phase, .... it will be wired into my shop on Monday.

Yes, the old truck transported it almost 250 miles !



The head has been flipped over 180 degrees, for transporting it.
I have another shop preparing a few fixtures for postioning and securing the intake manifold.


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Cool Aubrey, I hope you got the manuals.:bow

That old truck is paying for itself quickly.


Tom Kochtanek

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Nice purchase! Now you have something new to play with. I suspect it won't be long until you come up with new projects that you had never imagined :).

Thank YOU, Tom... that's what people keep saying,

You bet, Brian:deal.... that picture of the machine, was taken when we got it postioned in my shop. Whole process took less than an hour.
Got it on video:deal. May post it on youtube:rub


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Gotta love those Bridgeport's !
Congradulation's, looks like you've got yourself a nice machine there.
Those digital display travel indicators are an Godsend !
I hope so:pray.
The electrician had to order some kind of junction box, so it will be a few days yet.
Still reading the manuals.
Right now, I'm gathering a list of the cutters that I'm going to need, and should be ordering them within a couple days.
Trying to figure it so I can make the process simple, and repeatable.
I've decided that the task of drilling the holes, is going to be handled by the use of a pretty heavy duty drill press that I'm picking up on Wednesday.


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Sounds great . Just a thought, why not use the mill for the heavy drilling? You are going to love the mill. I find I am always thinking of things to build since I got mine. Have fun.:beer


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That looks like a good machine, how programmable is it Aubrey, is it advanced enough to be able to accept any pre determined programmes via cad etc. ?

Or will you need to plug the start and finish co-ordinates for each action?

your production of new products will now become limitless. :clap:pop
It's simple, Grubb.... I can pre-set depths and distances, but not procedures. It's just a manual machine.
The support fixtures for the manifold, will set the angles.
ISO 40 ( 5/8" thread ), which is proving to make tooling a little more complicated and costly:bang
However, I've been told it's a better system for this:dunno

VERY heavy pallet, Jason. I also have it leveled with blocks directly under the machine's base.