Bought a retirement present...........

Phil Reed

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Been looking for something to drive to shows and stuff in my retirement. So this came home with me about a week ago!!! Didn't have time to post pictures sooner because that jack wagon was in town for 3 days looking at my Z-11 engine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was build by Kenny Reeves, a very dear friend of mine about 15 years ago. In fact, I probably have parts on this car. Then in 2003, Kenny traded this car to another dear friend of mine, Gary Jespersen. If you were at the Convention in 2015, Kenny had the silver/red 62 SS inside the Expo building and Gary had the Prehistoric Rat 62 bubbletop.
A little background.....Kenny bought the car in the southeast corner of Colorado. The car is for all purposes...rust free. It was an old drag race car. Kenny bought a body only on a chassis but it included the ORIGINAL matching numbered 400HP 409 shortblock assembly and ORIGINAL matching numbered T-10!!!!!!!!! Also included, the original 425HP exhaust manifolds and tach and housing!!!! The rearend housing had been replaced with a 1961 housing because it had the drain plug....something racers needed. No front clip, no seats......just a body shell. The red interior that Kenny found is mostly original. He found some NOS cloth seat inserts but I believe the vinyl is all original. I know the door panels are original.
It's a frame-on restoration which I wanted!!! This will be a car that Candy and I just get in and drive. I will update with new shocks, tires (AND RIMS) and probably front sway bar. This IS going to be a driver!! The bottom of the car is painted black...all over. But I spent 20 minutes on a creeper and there is no rust in the floor pans, inner rockers, braces, etc!~!!!
My 63 black Impala was a 400HP engine car also. My black 63 was To527QA and the new 63 is T0520QA!! My old car built in St. Louis---06B and the new one was built here in KC 07E. Some one told me...too bad it's not black. I said I like it because it's not black!! I'm not trying to replace the old car...just want a new one!!
red63ba1.jpg red63ba2.jpg red63ba3.jpg red63ba4.jpg red63ba5.jpg red63ba6.jpg
PS: Don..............this is what I was doing in Hays, KS. Gary and I met half-way.

PSS: Oh..................this is not a completely matching numbers car. The original color...........was green!! AND I DON"T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Good for you! Glad to see you splurge all over yourself so you can have some 409 fun!!!!!!!!!! :appl:appl:winner

:yup Lonnie is right! It's great to read this and know you & Candy will be out driving and enjoying yourselves. I hope to see some new pictures of ya'll out cruising this fabulous '63 often. This evening looks like a great day for a drive here.