Bought a tornado Thursday night!!!

Phil Reed

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The last week has been.userable this last week. With the heat and humidity....I have been miserable.
So I brought a 48" floor fan. HOLY CRAP!! It has 2 speeds.....low is 17900CFM!!!!! HIGH IS 195OOCFM!!!!!! Feels like a tornado in the barn!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!

Jim Sullivan

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That's quite the fan Phil. Is it heavy or need to be anchored down when on hi range? Looks like it could blow itself or you across the shop.
I've been lucky with my garage, it's got trees for shade on the south and east sides with a white metal roof. So even with the temps in the 90s and the high humidity, it stays quite nice as long as I keep the doors shut. So no tornado needed.

Phil Reed

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Is that a gear box sitting on top of a garbage can?:rub:rub:rub
Yes. Good eyes!!!!
The back story is.....a good friend of mine passed away about 1 1/2 years ago. Schmitty had more snap on tools in his garage that his normal salesman had on his truck!! A gearhead all of his life. An auction was held and he had a 65 409 engine and a 348 engine. I bought the 348 and the world famous Muncie shifted beer can crusher that Schmitty designed and built!!! In fact....he let me to bring it to shop so customers and I could play with it!!!! When I saw it at the auction....I knew it was mine!!!!
Need to get my compressor some "new feet" and then get it wired up. I'd like to have a party where everyone can crush their own beer cans!!! Trying to get Wristpin to bring down about 20 cases and then start to fill the plastic barrel!!!
Schmitty's beer can crusher was legendary in our hometown!!!! I'll post a better picture of it tomorrow!!!!


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Always hate to hear of lifetime gearheads kickin’ the bucket, cuz they ain’t being replaced:(:(:(:(

Phil, you still have your red Bel Air??