CA Wild Fires


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From this end of the world to yours. What we see with regards to the most horrible wild fires is just the most terrible thing to see and the loss of life is devastating.
Dave (boxerdog) you all good!

I have been in touch with my brother-n-law in Stockton CA and they have said that they are getting LOTS of smoke through there but all are good.
To see that the town of Paradise CA has been all but wiped out just leaves us out of words.

Prayers and thoughts to all who have been greatly affected by this tragedy.


Tom Kochtanek

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We have a niece who attends Pepperdine University (above the beaches of Malibu, we know how she picked her college location!) and reportedly they are on "lockdown" to not leave the campus, which we understand to be safe from the nearby fires.


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The pictures, on TV, are Horrible.:cry1 I say prayers, every night, for these poor people.:pray Stay safe, you Cali guys. Scary shit.:hide


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I know words will never replace those who have lost their lives to these tragic fires yet homes are replaceable except for all the memories that were held within the homes.
Then there's the treasures that we all hold close to us and would be totally gutted if we lost by way of either accident and or fire. Here is some of the other sad losses cause by the CA fires.
And then of course lets not also forget about the all the animals that have been lost or maimed.

Prayers to ALL and for a speedy end to these infernos.