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Ford must have sold a lot of Edsel's back then, most of those first pics had one pictured. :dunno
Newby, you beat me to it. For a car that didn't stay, it seemed to do well for the short run. And the '61 Meteor Convertible, man what a design on that rearend. I have always thought the Canadians did REAL well with the 50's Ford designs. That is the first picture that I have ever seen of a '61, and my personal opinion is that it is Beeeautifulll!!!


Phil Reed

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The flags in the Dawson Creek, the start of the Alcan Highway to Alaska. Had our picture taken there several times!!!!


I see a 59 Dodge up there too. The front end of those are MEAN looking! I think they should have used those for the Christine movie! :eek I sure wouldn't want a haunted 59 Dodge breathing down my neck. LOL

For anyone that likes these type of pics and hasn't seen it, we have a misc photo page with many old pics:


Look at how nice and clean the air/atomosphere is in the old photo's. See, no harm from leaded gas and old cars back then was there. :D