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I have seen more than one clone of the camaro.
Interesting story about Grumpy.
He was racing at St Louis with the the Vega and the whole rig was stolen.
Word was that Ron;s cylinder heads service payed some big bucks to someone that had the engine out of the Vega to just look at the cylinder heads.
And magically Ron's was the place to take your heads to have ported being he was one of the best.
Now this is just a story I heard don't know any truth to this story but interesting to say the least.


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I think at one time Garlits credited Swingle with giving him the idea to slow down the sreering ratio in his first rear engine dragster to improve the hi speed handling. Think he also drove swamp rat III for Garlits after he was burned in the car at Chester, that would be about 1958 or 59.


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yup, connie was a genius when he was sober...the last day I spent with him was at the gasparilla invasion in tampa...we were in my boat, a chris craft scorpion with 2 300hp evenrudes on a 21' boat...we filled the boat with 600 water balloons...connie was so wasted from the night before that when he started tossing balloons he fell out of my boat...such a shame he passed at such a young age...