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We raced on a street we called Melody Hills Raceway.
The street was beside a mobile home park named Melody Hills:D.

The problem with the road was it had a small bridge at about the 1/4 mile mark. If you were not first you could be pushed into the side of the concrete bridge. Kind of personified the term “chicken” back then.
Of course on Fri and Sat nites the local police would hang out close by. Sometimes they would chase you and sometimes they looked the other way :roll.
No trophies, but cash:)


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We used to hangout, in Grandway's Parking Lot, on Central Ave. in Albany.:applWhenever the BS got serious, we would race on the Ave. Two cars were racing one night, and they killed 2 women walking across the street.:eek3 That put a STOP, to most car activity.:( We later raced, down by the river, behind Schaefer Brewery. After awhile, the cops put a stop to that also.:cry1 They didn't want cars, hanging around anywhere. They started passing out tickets for Illegal Assembly.:doh After we moved to Colonie, car's would gather at Burger King's, and Wendy's. :clapThey even had Car Show's on Friday Night at Wendy's.:appl Great fun. Then the same crap started happening. Street Racing. :dunnoLocal police, and State Police put a stop, to car's hanging around. If you got caught, Drag Racing, Goodbye License.