Caught my 63 on fire


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Well my son came down for the weekend so we decided to go rip the the neighborhood and set off a few car alarms with my newest 409 in one of my 63's when we pulled up yo my house my daughter also decided to stop by and block my garage with her car so I had to park off to the side driveway instead of pulling straight in so when I parked a little steam came up or so I thought it was steam and no big deal as this radiator has a pin hole and I was going to replace it eventually, so daughter moves her car and I start the 63 again but this time poof of flames out of the hood and immediately shut it down grabbing the fire extinguisher from the back seat putting the fire out. Lesson learned Chinese are at it again because the 22$ triple gauge. with free shipping from China line blew out of the fitting spraying oil all over my headers. No damage other than wire wrap over the harnesses and a oil mess. And I'm am positive it was tight and not touching the headers. I also have a lot of run time on it with no leaks so no idea what happened. 20200523_164248.jpg 20200523_164255.jpg 20200523_164304.jpg


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Fire extinguisher is a must for every car, home, garage, camper, boat............ I have one at every doorway of my home and at the top and bottom of every stair way and under every sink. I'm less than 10 feet at any given moment from an extinguisher. May look ugly but by god I won't have to run through the house to put something out or slow something down. Glad you are ok, some people freeze when they see fire. Seen so many videos where people didn't simply raise their hood at the very begining of the engine fire and they loose the whole car because the 10 extinguishers they could get weren't anywhere near the actual fire.