Chevy U mount bracket


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Hi All,

Has anyone used a 59-61 Viking or Spartan U mount bracket for their "W" upgrades in their 55-59 Chevy pickups? If so do you have pictures of how it was done? My other option is 283 supports but I am afraid it may not be strong enough for the extra power. I would rather not weld in the side brackets if I can avoid it as I am not a welder.

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Thanks Butch!

If you are having no issues I may just stick with the pin mounts that are there already and replace the rubber. The original U mount I was going to use has two bolts underneath and I would probably need to have bracket fab-ed for it to work.

On a side topic did you have any issues with header/steering box clearance? Or any clearance issues for that matter?

Thank you


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I am dealing with some medical issues at a later date I am going with a rack & Pinion for my 57 is a car not a pickup just so you know. I have minimal clearance at the upper control arms. The firewall has about 1 1/2 " of clearance.