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Never was, well the partying may of had some effects. We had a talk the other night that when this covid crap has passed we need to go to another epic concert :metal
I was having my AC replaced the other day. The guy that did it works at one of the university schools. He was saying how it was deserted and how he thought it would never come back. I told him to relax. We have been through this kind of stuff before, 1918, 1956-58, 1968-69, and many other things like riots etc. Things always eventually return to basically what they were. Time will change some things as will technology, however for the most part, it goes back to normal. So when we get back to normal whether it be a vaccine or the virus goes away, PARTY ON GARTH, PARTY ON :winner:winner:winner:winner:winner:winner:guitar:guitar:flag:pepper:bacon:happy:guitar:guitar:guitar:rimshot:elvis:elvis
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Someday I’ll figure it out^^ My 9 year relationship just fell apart. Good for you, someday I hope to say the same:good
I sure don't long for the day's before I got married.,..... lot's of good times though.....:winner:winner
I have a picture of my wife from her highschool days, I love her as much now if not more that I have figured out what love is.
Hang in there Kevin ......I know that doesn’t make it any easier.....And as far as James and big Dave goes ....even though I’m single now, I could flip a switch and go back to being happily married again in a second .....but that’s gone....Obviously I wasn’t the one who wanted out.......But I do know that I won’t give it away again....... I’ll be single to the end......I gave too much of myself away the first time .......and I’m not willing to give up anything anymore.....