Classic Cars Being Bought


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Wife went to our small community bank that were allowing only two person at a time inside. She over heard the Teller ask the other customer if the car he was buying was a classic car. She said there have be several customers recently withdrawing funds to buy classic cars. Wonder if these are "Toys" being sold because of the Covid-9 layoffs?
So I decided to surf craigslist and notice several being advertised but the listed prices were outrageously high, even basket case projects.


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Maybe people are simply buying Classics for enjoyment - you can't go many places so a nice ride with your significant other and kids/grandkids IS something that you can do in this covid time. Additionally, everyone can imagine their own demise with the virus i.e. life is short, so the thought process may be "I am getting that classic I have always wanted as who knows what tomorrow brings".