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Hey Dan...what do new axles cost?
Can we set up.a Go Fund Me for you????
Hoping you can be at Dragway 42@!!!
No go fund me for me! And 42 is definitely out! I'm hoping to make the last three races with the NSS club. Those I can do because I get in free plus get a few bucks for tow money. cost of new axles, spool, and bearings? Between $900 and $1000. Cost of dropping the clutch on 3850 pounds of mechanical mayhem at 5800 rpm? Priceless!


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Just bending loads. As the car launches, the natural tendency is for the rear wheels to try and toe in as they try to go forward while the mass of the vehicle trys to stay in the same spot. Too small an axle will bend even if the housing is not.
Oh you are saying rear ok, that makes sense . I was thinking front toe .:dunno