Cowl tag inaccurate Body 'Style' information


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Some websites (not this one) incorrectly state the information to be gleaned from the cowl tag:

"The STYLE part of the cowl tag tells us the year and body style of the car. In the example above, the first two digits, “60” represents 1960, and if it were “63” it would mean 1963. The following 4 digits tell us what series and body style it is. In the example above, “1837” means it’s an Impala Sport Coupe with a V8 engine. Find your 4-digit style number sequentially in the list below. "

In actuality; the Body by Fisher-installed cowl tag typically lists the V-8 body style even if equipped with a 6-cyl engine. The Chevrolet-installed VIN tag shows the true body Style designation with 'even' digit for V-8 and odd digit for 6-cyl.

One can only wonder how many bought a project car and paid more thinking it was originally a V-8.



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It has been well documented. The vin tag trumps the cowl tag in terms of the I6/V8. The trim tag normally has information that Fisher body needed to modify the body before it was mated to the frame/chassis whether a 6cl or v8 was installed would not require any body modifications.


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Ha. My cowl tag is a 1811 code (2 door sedan Impala - V8), but my vin tags is a 1711 code (2 door sedan Impala - I6). The vin code is correct as it’s a factory built I6. I’ve always wondered why, since nothing has ever been tampered with. Maybe the cowl tag was more generic when it came to actual power plant installed at the assembly line in St. Louis.