Crusader Marine 409 - Information Needed

I am looking for any information available on old Crusader Marine 409 engines. I am buying a 1964 boat with an originally installed, and unrebuilt, running Crusader 409. I found that there was a specific 409 version used for boats with the "IJ" suffix stamped on the block, but can find no information regarding engine specs, tuning spec's, etc. on-line. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
Thanks!! Kim Hall


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Go to the search tap on the top of the page and type, “ 409 marine (boat motor/engine) “
You may find some info.

Thanks Dave. I just checked out the "marine" search and came up with some good info but still many questions.
A question for all......I got back down to the boat and tried to find the numbers on the engine. Also shot a couple pictures.
001.jpg 003.jpg 006.jpg
It is a 1964 "Crusader Marine" engine installed in reverse (water pump side toward the rear of the boat) with the drive mounted on that same side (WP side) of the engine. Another interesting fact is that it has an aluminum manifold. Not sure if that was a Chevy piece or a Crusader piece. As far as the numbers:
Block - 3788068
Suffix - none visible on front pad
Manifold - 8/21/63 (only number showing was this stamped date code on rear side behind carb)
Dipstick location - front driver side (if considering standard front to back install)
This is a 2 owner boat so I know it is 100% original and unmodified.

I cant find anything on-line about the Crusader 409. Any help?
Thanks again!!


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I am guessing 280 horse solid lifter cam thats all I can do for you. Most likely small port heads, and a 1962 block.

Don Jacks

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I wouldn't be so positive about that engine being "all original".First,that's a 62 year block.The fact that there are no numbers on the pad indicates that either the block has been decked,or that's a replacement block.
You could be right and I thought about it being decked. The only other thing that came to mind is when Crusader bought these engines if they bought them in bulk (say in 62) and built them up when ordered. Would that explain the aluminum manifold with the 8/21/63 date stamp? The boat is a 64 model year, custom built, so no telling when the engine was actually ordered by the boat builder.

Don Jacks

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Yes it could.That intake is likely aftermarket made just for marine use.It'll be intresting to see what the head castings are,most likely 333's.
I cant wait to get into it, but cant take anything apart until I'm the official owner of the boat. It has just over 1400 original hours on it, runs perfect with no smoke on cold start. The second owner owned the boat since 1995 and the original owner had the boat custom built by my father-in-law in 1964. Unfortunately, we lost dad a couple months ago so I cant pick his brain for info. Pretty cool to suddenly find this boat he built, available for sale, and to be in a position to buy it!!
Thanks much for your help!!

Tom Kochtanek

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That's awesome that you located a boat that was made by your Dad. Even cooler that you can acquire it!

You're in good company (politics aside), if I remember correctly LBJ had a boat with a 409 in it as well :).

Best, TomK


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Was checking the Internet on Crusader Marine engines, and saw in 2017 on EBay “ Walter Miller auto motor literature “
Had a 1962 Crusader Marine Motor brochure that included the 409. I’m not sure if it’s still available or if it will help you any, but it’s another start.

Thanks for all the info everyone! I'll check out Ebay for the brochure and thanks also for the pictures. Other than the exhaust manifolds, those are the ones. I'm anxious to get inside and figure out what is really here.