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This guy is an installer/dealer maybe for Bowtie Overdrives, or was at one time:

Wise Transmissions
Brian James
749 Old County Road
San Carlos, CA 94070
1 (650) 593-8052


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I do know of someone in the Sacramento area with 30 years of experience. I have to see if he wants side work though. He did my trans, and he has done lots of work for me and people I know.


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Those are the vin of the car it came in. You can tell the year by the casting number which is the raised set of numbers on back of motor right above bell housing flange on drivers side. 068 is 62, 814 is 63 ,422 is 64 ,656 is 1965 . Don't always assume from passenger side front engine stamp is original and what motor is as there is a lot of people re stamping blocks to pass it off as something it's not and if it's been decked and re stamped the broach marks will be gone. In fact I just saw a joker trying to pass off a 656 1965 block as a QB stamped 425 hp short block when in fact there where no QB stamps in 65 as they all started with a J in 65 such as JA JB JC. But anyways wrong stamp and it's a truck block with the cylinder notches and front passenger holes are drilled and tapped for truck mounts and he is advertising it as a 425hp short block ( NOT)
The W engines didn't have "broach" marks in the same sense as the SB/BB since the 74 deg block would not work in the straight line broaching machine. Factory marks on the W look like a SB/BB that has been milled.