Distributor problems

I have a 63 409 425 hp engine. Dual afb’s stock manifold. When the distributor is in place the vacuum advance hits the rear bolt for intake manifold. This limits the amount the distributor can be rotated to set timing. I have the gasket in place with no spacers. Another problem is the distributor primary wire is snug when connected to the coil. The wire appears to be original uncut or not spliced. The coil is in a repo mount on the manifold in the original location. Anyone else run into these problems?.


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Don't know if it works on the w dist but a SBC or BBC can have the gear installed 180 deg out with those problems. the corvette guys run into it quite often. re-indexing the dist gear may take care of it .


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I see the problem.. It is the blue rotor. Bring the #1 piston up to top dead center, and then follow the instructions in this video. Make sure that before you tighten the clamp, that the distributor if fully seated into the intake distributor hole, and don't over tighten the clamp. It just needs to be snug enough to keep the timing from moving.

Well I replaced the chrome bolt with a grade 8 bolt with a head not quite as tall. Then I put two gaskets between the manifold and distributor, clears it easily. I got to thinking that the engine was rebuilt just before I purchased it. Maybe they machined the mating surface between the intake manifold and the head. That could lower the manifold slightly.