Do I Really Need ANOTHER One ? !

Went for a drive with my son today, about 160 miles away, to go make a deal on a truck.
A virtual identical twin to the Canadian ( meaning Chevrolet ) 59 GMC 9380 1 ton that I've owned since 1989. Yes, originally, mine was even this same light pastel green/blue.
This one is in quite a bit better shape than mine was. 72,000 miles, original paint. Check out the headlight brows, the doors, the cab corners, the running board area.

Plan is to de-tune my current truck ( remove the 409, fuel tanks, tool boxes )... and give it to my son, Donovan, as his first vehicle. I have a decent 283 core that he can use for his first budget-engine build:deal.
At the moment though, this new aquisition will probably just stay inside my shop, out of the weather, used sparingly for local dump runs, ect.

A few photos:






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Aubrey, you obviously need it as you already have the room for it:laugh
I have a plan that my wife Lynette hates
"if i can make room for it, i obviously need it"
Yes, Don, it's in pretty good shape... for an old farm truck.
Brought it home today ( My GAWD, was the weather beautiful :bow... about 78 deg F, light tail wind on the way home ).
Here are a few photos taken where we drove it on the trailer:



Thanks guys:D
Did a little cleaning up yesterday. Tuned up, got rid of the front mount spare tire. Took some good photos.
Engine ( just a 235 ) runs well, but a little smokey. I'm not going to be doing anything serious with this truck for a while... mostly just keep it inside. However, I do have a good, low mileage 261 ( which is what would normally be in a GMC truck here in Canada ) sitting on the floor. I think when I have time, I'll install it, and make sure the truck is fully functional.



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COOL truck Aubrey !!! Can't believe how big Donovan has gotten!!!! Yes it`s me,,,,, first post in a few years! Benn lurkin though,,,
HAH ! ... JIMMM!... good to see you, man:beer
Yes, time is passing us by. Donocan's going to be 12 next month. I have a little video of him driving the truck ( DAMN right he can drive standard transmission ! ). However, needless to say, probably shouldn't post it:no

I had our local hardware store mix up some acrylic metal paint for me. Colour is dead on !
Did a some prep, and painted all six wheels.
Just finished replacing the worn out 235, with a low mileage, late 58' pass car 261 that I had here. Pretty good engine. Has a higher lift hydraulic cam. Runs like new.
Our local auto wrecker has a 70 3/4 ton with a 4.10 ratio pumpkin in the rear. I'll get that to replace these 5.14's, and she'll be a good, useable truck.

Oh, Don ( SSDD ), I just replaced a headlight. Tops of the fenders are good.... the headlight bucket area is like absolutely brand new:deal . I've never seen that before. Original shiney paint in there.