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I know this has been discussed before but I can't find it. Here goes, 1960 elcamino 348 t-10 4 spd. I spotted slow drip on out put shaft. It doesn't look right, yoke is only in 1 1/4 past seal maybe 1 3/4 on the splines. measured front shaft out side of u-joints 25 1/2 inches total length. Is that where you measure. Center carrier bolt holes lined up so back section must be right. Motor/tranny bolted in stock mounts.


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This is a copy-paste from ChevyTalk. I think it was posted here before but I couldn't find it.

Note that this is for 59-64 only. If you have a 58 the shaft will be shorter.

Lengths of FRONT driveshafts

4-speed & 3-speed w/OD = 24 5/8"

3-speed & 59-61 Turboglide = 29 3/4"

Powerglide = 26 13/16"

Measurement is tip to tip length with front shaft completely disassembled.... front U-joint and slip yoke removed, center U-joint flange and center bearing removed.

To be on the safe side, remove your old shaft and measure it before cutting to see where (or if) you get the 26-13/16" dimension.

Updated 03/23/15

58 only info
Passenger car (exc O/D and P.G) 25 15/32"
(with O/D) 20 5/16"
(with P.G) 22 17/32"

58-64 Rear shaft 36 1/2"