Driveshaft issue


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I have a yoke on my 1pc driveshaft with a 3.2 barrel length, it pulls out of the trans 1.5. I want to buy a 4 inch yoke rebalance it and call it a day. The driveshaft shop i called says i should make a new shaft.
Me being cheap thinks it should work. New yoke will all go farther in the trans. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks


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You are stretching out the distance from the rear bushing to the u joint. That will cause more stress on the rear bushing and extension housing,and more than likely cause a vibration in short order. Get a longer driveshaft. I tried it once, and it bit me.


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I don't know why that would not work without making a new driveshaft. If the new yoke is too long than just cut it to the same length as the other one balance it and call it a day. Way too many shops trying to sell needless stuff. When I did my 1 piece for the 63 I use an old 69 Chevelle turbo 400 shaft that was sitting in the backyard for 30 years. Cleaned it up, 2 new u-joints and the same yoke. Go it balanced, worked out great.