Dynacorn 63 Impala quarter panels


I HIGHLY recommend these! I installed both a left and a right on my 63 Impala and they dropped right into place without a hitch! (and I never installed full quarters in my life before these)

The only problem I had is a gap where they meet the outer tail light panel. There isn't enough metal there to "squeeze" the gap closed at the bottom so I had to weld in a small piece of metal. (easy) That is the ONLY problem I had with these. Fit, finish and thickness is outstanding. Put a few scuffs on them and toss them in an old GM box and you'd fool many into thinking they were NOS!

Dynacorn products have really impressed me. I've used many of them and so far with no complaints.

Pros: Beautiful! Fit was excellent!
Cons: A small gap where it meets the tail light panels