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Eastwood 135 mig welder $349.99 (on sale for $299.99 at the time of this post)

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I just had to do a review on my newest mig welder purchase. I bought an Eastwood 135 mig welder a short while back and absolutely love it! This thing performs so good, it's actually hard to get a bad weld! First time I tried it, I laid down one of the best beads in my life. (having used a wire feed flux core up to this point sorry to say) The quality is excellent in every respect, no cheap parts here. One of the selling points the controls. You can fine tune the amperage and wire speed unlike most welders that only have a few settings.

This machine can run flux core wire but I can safely say I will never use that stuff again. The clean welds using the argon/c02 gas is a thing of beauty. No splattery mess like flux core and the weld quality isn't even comparable. So far I only used .023 sized wire but it can take up to .030 in both steel and stainless. It comes with a small spool of .023 but the nice thing is this machine accepts the 10 lb spools so you can save money.

Without a doubt, this is my new favorite tool. Solid 5 stars!!!

See this model here:

Bonus Tip: I bought mine thru Jegs.com so I would get free shipping and not have to pay PA sales tax. I also got it a little cheaper as well!

Just a few facts from Eastwood:

Eastwood's own MIG 135 Welder: as good as the "name brands", but at a fraction of the price!

Welds mild and stainless steel as thin as 24-gauge
Welds up to 3/16" with solid core wire
Welds up to 1/4" with flux core wire
25-135-amp welding range
Tweco-Style Gun and Consumables
Powered by standard 120v household current
Ships with regulator and hose for MIG welding
Can also be used for Flux-Core welding.
Compare to similar welders that sell for over $500
Now compatible with spool gun for efficient welding of aluminum.

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Bob, if you're looking for mig wire, the last 4 ten pound spools of steel wire I bought from USA Weld they sell on eBay or from their website. Good prices as far as I found.
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Lots of mfgs have started using inverters instead of transformers now days. I brings the cost and weight down for the hobby welder. Inverters are able to be controlled by digital controls. I just bought a TIG inverter and torch for $200. from Northern. Works great for things like headers and sheet metal. Looking at Summit's new catalog, tempted by their plasma cutter inverter. Most will be dual voltage also. JFYI