Ebay tips for buyers (add any you know!)


Yes they are sneaky! :D You have to check by clicking their feedback and it says where they are from there.

I bought something that turned out to be a China seller and had to pay an extra fee because using a Visa debit/credit card with China costs more!

Ebay is buddy buddy with China it seems! I think Trump should tear them a new ass! How about a FEE for ebay to pay! :finger2


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I was thinking about this thread while I was out in the garage today, and realized that no one mentioned "eBay Bucks". It is a program that gives you a percentage back of your purchase price. The regular amount is 1%, however, they run programs where you can get up to 10% back in eBay Bucks. You collect your "bucks" over the quarter, and at the beginning of the next quarter, you get a statement as to how much you earned. It is a free program, and there is no reason not to take advantage of it. Many times, if I don't need anything in a hurry, I save it in my cart for when the eBay bucks is 8 or 10%.

To sign up for eBay Bucks, go to eBay Bucks - opens in new window or tab and select Sign Up. Then just look for the Bucks icon when you're shopping on eBay. When you buy qualifying items, we'll automatically track how many Bucks you earn, and send you a certificate at the end of every 3-month earning period.



Up to $20 bucks now! :D

Bought something from a seller I purchased from before but this time the yo-yo cancelled the sale the day it was supposed to arrive! It had one of those "guaranteed delivery" things so instead of agreeing to the cancellation, I waited to see if I could still cash in first. It worked! Shh, nobody tell ebay about ANOTHER glitch in their system. :teehee

Thank you ebay. :ty