Ebay tips for sellers (add any you know!)


Thought of 2 good ebay topics, this one called ebay tips for sellers and a seperate one for buyers.

If you care to share any of your little secrets for coping with ebay as a seller, feel free to add to this list.


Here's one to get things started:

Want to mention that you accept money orders or checks on ebay but can't get past the censors? Just mention that you accept mail in payments in the additional checkout instructions box. (most people don't READ but you might get lucky)

Now I must add a disclaimer; use at your own risk. In case they pull your listing (which I HIGHLY doubt), I'm not responsible. ;)

Ebay is great for playing with words so why not play too? :D
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Have trouble with a buyer? It's not worth chancing another encounter with that person. Add them to your block list. (letting us know here is a good idea too so we can block them!)

They won't be able to buy off of you from then on. This will keep them from buying another item just to ding your stars or give a neg. Lots of kooks out there! :bat


Take into account that ebay is now charging a final value fee on shipping when pricing your items. (to me, this does not sound LEGAL but...)

On heavy items, you'll be paying a big final value fee so I suggest adjusting your sale price to accomodate that.


Listing many items from the same vehicle? I do that alot as I often find a junkyard car to "raid" so I like mention in each listing that I'm selling many parts from that car and describe the car. (2 or 4 door, interior color, engine size, etc) That way it can drive a potential buyer to what he's looking for and I get the sale.

I also like to add that if it's not listed, just ask. I may be able to get it. I've sold a few items that way. Things I normally wouldn't have bothered with.


Insurance. Ebay implies the seller is responsible for any insurance. It's up to them to get the package safely to the buyer.

USPS Priority mail now includes insurance up to $50

For items worth more, it really depends on what the item is, who's buying and how lucky I feel that day. :D A pair of hood hinges won't get broken in shipping but could get lost so not as important as a fragile item. Can you handle the loss if it occurs? It's your call...
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Shipping large items.

If you have a Greyhound bus terminal nearby, that's the best and cheapest way to ship large items. (as long as your buyer doesn't mind picking the package up)

Sadly, the one near me is no longer there so this option is not one I can use but have in the past with great success.

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Our bus terminal also closed here in my area and it was a great loss. As you stated bob, it was a excellent way to ship. Now in order for me to use Greyhound, I would have to travel 100 miles.
I dont know if you mentioned it or not, but I always send the usps packages with a delivery confirmation if it has enough value. I have had a few say they didn't get their package and you either refund them or ebay will take it out of your account!!!:cuss


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Great thread! I learned something already. Also, the Greyhound weight limit is 100 lbs. and size limit is 30" x 47" x 82". Last time I shipped something it was a little less strict. http://shipgreyhound.com/ for quotes and FAQ.

Free shipping goes a looong way on big items. I've found that it's worth the effort to offer it if they use the buy it now price. That way you can set the price while factoring in your total cost to ship (estimate furthest distance obviously) I've sold a few hoods this way, although now I think they would exceed these new limits.


Here's a good one to help extend those free listing sales. (a bit unethical)

The other day ebay had a 1 day free listing sale but since I was saving up many items waiting for a sale, I had too much to do in one day and couldn't get it all done. (usually they give more time!)

What does a guy do? Just make a few "empty" listings that you can revise later. :D I made 15 empty listings that I just titled "parts listing a", "parts listing b", etc. This allows you to come back the next day and revise them putting in the item and descriptions of the parts. You missed a day of exposure but since it's not costing you anything, no problem.

Disclaimer: Use this at your own risk. Ebay might pull the empty listings and slap you on the wrist if they were to find them but I've seen others do this and get away with it so I tried it and was successful.


Have I got a good one!

I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me! If you like to make your new listings by using another as a template; using the "sell similar" link, this may have happened to you. You're in the middle of filling out a listing by making changes to the one you're using as a guide (usually almost done) and you make a spelling error or want to make a change so you highlight and click backspace. What should happen is the highlighted items should delete or go away. Things don't always go as planned on ebay however, occasionally when I do this, it sends the whole page BACK! So you click the forward button to get back to the page you were on and do you know what happens? EVERYTHING you typed in including any photo's you uploaded are gone! You're back to exactly where you started and you just wasted probably 5-10 minutes of your life thanks to ebay!

I used to get infuriated at that! :splat

What I learned is when that happens, go to your "my ebay" section and click "drafts". It should be there with all the stuff you changed including pics. (you may see some others you thought were lost there too!)

Another related item; sometimes you start to make a listing but decide to hold off. Ebay is screwed up (big news flash there huh?) and usually says that you saved the number of allowed templates so you can't do that. Don't fret, just close the page or go on to another as you like and when you want to continue that listing, go the that drafts section in my ebay and it will be there waiting for you to complete it.


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When listing a car for sale be sure to add a statement saying the car is for sale locally and you reserve the right to cancel the auction at any time. This allows you to sell the car before the auction closes. I also include a statement saying I don't need any help selling the car. This cuts down on consignment companies calling you offering their services. I also include my cell number to answer questions from prospective buyers.