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Up for sale one pair of large port Edelbrock aluminum heads. I’ll start off with important info: one of the heads has been repaired, hence the blackness from welding heat. A valve stem broke and it dropped the valve. My fault, as I let a rocker stud get loose. Damage never got into a water jacket. Head has been welded, and surfaced. I have pictures of before repair if interested.

These have had a fair amount of port work done. Heads were bought bare, and filled by well known local machinist. Same machinist that does a lot of work for Rich Rojeski. They are set up for a healthy solid roller cam, I was running a .674 lift Comp solid roller.

On a 474 stroker with a RJW intake in a 3550lb car, these heads ran a best ET of 11.47 and 119 mph

I ended up getting a new set of CNC ported heads from Carl McQuillen so these are for sale.

Will also soon be putting a set of Crower rockers for sale that were on these heads. Could make a package deal

$1650 plus shipping

Thanks, John


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What kind of valves are you running ..??....did you increase the valve sizes....??...... so the damage is in the valve seat area ....????


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Yeah....it made noise. I had about 3 seasons on the motor. A rocker stud worked loose and kicked the rocker. Re torqued the stud and replaced the rocker with a new one. Stud torqued fine and held torque. Threads were and are perfect. Our guess is the few moments of the slapping rocker either slightly bent the valve, or fractured the stem, as the next race outing all heck broke loose about 3 runs in.

A reminder to check things often for tightness. And when in doubt replace the valve! I am pretty religious on valve adjustment and wonder if I loosened the stud one of the times I broke loose the lock screw during adjustment.

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