Electric 58 Apache


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#1 son finally got his build on the road. Still has some work to do to clean it up but it runs and drives. He's not an electrical engineer, just a high school grad with the motivation to learn and figure it out. I'm pretty proud of what he has accomplished on his own.

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My 4 grandkids, who are in Vancouver and Ottawa and are 6-11, love Tesla’s for some reason(city kids). While on a visit to Vancouver with them they got to counting Tesla’s. I’ll send them a pic of this one. Nice job but does need to make more noise. :appl:appl:appl


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:applAwesome. Kill that Music:confused Couldn't hear the Rumpity-Rumpity of the Electron's.:dunno:rolleyes
Probably won't be long before you will be able to go to the APP store and download and APP that works with the throttle position sensor to make some sort of sound that would be projected to speakers on the outside. Hopefully it will include shift points. What the sound will be, I have no idea. Beethoven, Bach, Twisted Sister, a wooshy wooshy sound, :scratch