End of the Impala


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I still have a 2004 Impala with 225,000 miles on it, its a great driving car. As far as looks its just a car, a tool to get you from here to there. I agree with Bob that the real Impalas ended in 1970. There's nothing wrong with a 1967 SS 427 Impala they were a great looking car! A buddy of mine had one back in 1970 it was a teal blue and it was a 4 speed car with disc brakes rally wheels with the small centers, that thing would plant you in seat real good. Ahh the good o'l days!


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I had a '69 with hide away headlights, that looked great, but left a lot to be desired, when they wouldn't open fully in the winter. Other than that, it was a great riding car. Bought it used, and didn't hold onto it unfortunately. Back then, I had a dealers license, and they all were just cars to be bought, sold, or traded at the auction. I attended the GMAC repo auction frequently, and they had some great buys on cars that needed a lot of cleaning before they could be sold.

Tom Kochtanek

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Dad had a white 1962 Impala convertible when I was a teenager, then went to the Pontiac for 1966, but his next car was a Triple White 1972 Impala (white interior/white vinyl roof). Took my drivers' test in that Pontiac, but he never let me drive it again, or the '72 Impala for that matter :(.

I'd drive an early 70s Impala convertible if I could find a solid one one at a great price (read as: "free") :).


P.S. First they discontinue the Pontiac line, now the Impala offering :(


They've all died as far as I'm concerned. What's so great about Buick anyway? If the trucks (all brands) get any bigger, we're going to have to increase the lane size on all the roads and the mall parking spaces! It's all getting ridiculous! I guess once these huge trucks no longer sell well from boredom, we'll have a "miraculous fuel shortage" to get everyone to buy small ones again. History repeating itself again! Probably created by the government. Think of all the new revenue it can get!!!

I think we're all getting played...