Fall Carlisle 2018


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Jim it has been quite a few years since I have been there and I was noticing much less vender activity also. Oh, let me know if you score a set of new Michelin's load range E 18" AT's 265X70.

Jim Sullivan

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Sorry, no pictures. There were more empty vendor spaces than last fall. The car coral is shrinking. The top of the hill is now a parking area. Only one vendor down back by the turnpike. Really slow for a Saturday. I talked to James at Hubbard's, he said traffic was down the whole show by quite a bit. I hope to get down in the spring, so we'll see how that is. James also said all of his imported parts will be going up about 25% starting in January due to the tariffs.


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I had to pass on Fall Carlisle this year, but I will be back there in the spring. I am thinking of giving up some of my spaces, since it has gotten very expensive real estate. I find that the fall meet is good for buying, and the spring meet is good for selling, but all I have left is junk anyway, so selling is a thing of the past. I remember the old days of dirt roads, and guys bringing their girl friends that were attempting to walk the rows in high heels. Seen lots of funny and strange things at Carlisle over the years. I remember one year, the low riders from Cali brought a 20' blow up dinosaur and set it up at the grandstand. Some drunk bimbo was attempting to blow it up from below its belly and between its rear legs. I think that they originally blew it up with an air compressor, and it was loosing air.


I'd have to say ebay killed Carlisle and places like it. I can get more money selling online than from anyone in person and I don't have to sit for 3-4 days in hot, cold, rainy or ? weather to do it! People from all over the globe can see what I have at any given time and my parts stay on until they sell. I don't have to load all my stuff into a truck, unload and set it up, then do it all over again taking MOST of it back! Unless you have really desireable parts and are selling at low prices, you'll be taking most of it back with you.

I personally wouldn't even be a seller if all I had was events.

Ebay is a love/hate relationship with me. A necessary evil for sure. I just wish they had some competition to keep them in line.