Fan Shroud Question

Looking for some help prior to purchasing a fan shroud for my 1961 Belair Sports Coupe. Car currently has a 396bb in it, but came from the factory with a 283. From what I have gathered there are different fan shrouds based on motor, but since I no longer have the original motor I wanted to confirm with everyone on the forum. Should I purchase the fan shroud for the 348-409 BB as I currently am running a BB motor?



Probably the 348-409 version. What ever gets your fan blades about 1/2 way in/out of the opening.

I have a 409 in my 66 Chevelle and use the original 396 radiator and shroud and it works out right for that car. (not sure that comparison is worth anything in this case) :p


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Is one really needed? I've ran 396 in my Nomad and 427 in my '31 Chevy Sedan w/o one and never over heated.


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Pragmatically, I don’t know quite why the “409 shroud“ should make all that much difference in the cooling, But it does! Lots of threads here about overheating issues resolved solely by the correct fan shroud. If you need to put on a shroud, all things being equal, I’d start with the proven one first.

on the other hand, if it isn’t broken, dont fix it. So if you have no cooling issues, just move on to the next project...

Just my two cents worth