Fawn Memory- 61 Impala bubble top with a stroked 409

Well, we made it back in one piece, and the car did too(for the most part). Just over 2,000 miles, over 10 days, and 6 states. The trip definitely didn't go the way I had hoped it would, Dad decided after the 4th day of the tour he had had enough, so me and my nephew decided to finish the tour without him, and a surprise turn of events ended with us doing the last leg of the tour with my mom.
The toll of the trip was fairly minimal: lots of scraping due to having probably an extra 400-500lbs in the car, resulting in the welds on one of the "dummy" drag pipes breaking and the pipe breaking off, lost one of the spider caps somewhere in Ohio, LOTS of rain and water leaks, a leaky water pump gasket, a gallon of antifreeze, 2 quarts of oil during the trip and an oil change when we got back, and a set of spark plugs trying to diagnose what felt like a misfire issue after the first day, reassured after we dyno'd it on the first day of the tour(day 3) and it only made 265hp to the rear wheels. We were finally able to get a timing light on it on day 3 of the tour, and found the timing was 2* retarded from TDC. We advanced timing 13* and swapped metering rods, and put it on the dyno again to get it up to 300hp-435ft/lbs. Before the tour was over I called up Edelbrock and have the big port intake, 800cfm AVS2 carb, and new fuel pump on order, the intake is on back order till August so we have some time to prepare lol. 7B6907C5-1DAA-4D75-9340-7E84D7A24FAB.jpeg 54FB255C-08CE-4782-B9D4-D0CC2DCAFB11.jpeg 385214F2-127D-4E35-A680-192CF32E1A1A.jpeg 801D4436-86CA-4968-90C5-66B91627B04B.jpeg 5A5A38CE-ADD2-47C1-B0A0-CD7E14B59D62.jpeg 91DD188A-1713-4409-8ED2-6D00C378A0B7.jpeg 15CD8121-9F7A-4CF3-8C34-2E4AE4B85B1C.jpeg
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